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Vascular Surgery

The Department of Vascular surgery is based on multi-speciality hospital and considered one of the most developed Surgical Departments. It is located at the fourth floor of the Hospital complex.

Advanced practice professionals and the first category professionals with academic degrees, having extensive experience in vascular reconstruction and in post-operation management of patients with critical limb ischemia, set up practice in the Department. Capacity of the department is about 20 beds. There are six-bed and two-bed patient rooms in the Department.


Every year employees undertake internships and futher training in leading medical and academic centers. They regularly  participate in international scientific conferences and have memberships of the Scientific Medical Societies.Treating patients, doctors use modern Russian and international standards of treatment and recommendations.


Additionally, specialists of the Department develope and apply original patented methods of the post-operative patient management, including management after endovascular surgery.

As well as vascular reconstruction, the most modern medical technologies are used for treating patients. Such as injections of PGE2 and stem cell input.



Duplex scanning of lower limb arteries and CT-angiography are used for diagnosis of arterial bed disease.


In cases of diseases of lower limb arteries, it is very important to assess not only arteries by themselves, but also to assess a flow of blood in other areas, such as in the main artery of the head and of the neck, which are cerebral blood supply and sometimes can be the cause of cerebro-vascular insufficiency and stroke.


Complex and comprehensive approach to the patient, as well as definition of such diseases before surgery can significantly influence a treatment policy. On the other hand, it helps to reduce the amount of potential complications not only during lower limb angioplasty, but also after it.

Besides treatment for arterial bed disease, treatment for venose pathology, which can complicate a course of critical lower limb ischemia, is provided in the Department as well. Phlebectomy operations are performed in the Department, other modern methods of treatment for venous insufficiency are used in the Department as well. Specialists of the Department also give weight to the esthetic phlebology.  

The Department drives its clinical work according to modern international protocols of patient management. Although the necessary range of laboratory and non invasive testing are carried out, only proven treatment regimens are used.

Yuriy G. Vasiliev, cardiovascular surgeon, PhD in Medicine, is the Head of the Department.

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