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Purulent and Plastic Surgery

The Department of Purulent and Plastic Surgery specializes in the treatment of patients with diabetic foot syndrome and critical limb ischemia and has a significant long-term experience in wound healing of these patients.

The Department is located on the 3rd floor of the hospital, there are several six-bed and two-bed patient rooms and stand-alone dressing examination rooms with all necessary equipment and materials in the Department. 

Doctors of the Department use modern technologies to treat patients, such as different methods of plastic wound closing and skin grafting.  Vacuum therapy and hyperbaric oxygen therapy are used widely by specialists of the Department.

 Plastic pectization and supersonic cavitation, which make achieving good results possible even with serious damage to tissue, are used for wound treatment.


Oleg V. Nosov, specialist in purulent and plastic surgery, is the Head of the Deapartment. 

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