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Endovascular Surgery

The Department of Endovascular Methods of Diagnosis and Treatment (Interventional Radiology and Interventional Cardiology), as a part of multispecialty hospital, is а divisionthat provides the bulk of advanced medical care. The department is the heart of the Critical Limb Ischemia Treatment Center.

The challenges of providing endovascular service to patients with critical lower limb ischemia and ischemic form of diabetic foot syndrome is one of the main practical and scientific area of focus of the Department. The Department is the leading center in Russia and CIS countries on this issue.

Our specialists have developed and practised original endovascular methodologies for revascularization of pedal and lower leg arteries, which includes blood flow recovery of plantar arterial arch.

The department is equipped with all necessary equipment for performing high-tech procedures for blood flow recovery of lower limbs.

Multi-functional toprank X-ray surgery equipment is the basis of  X-ray operating theatres.

In addition to X-ray surgery equipment, there are means of hemodynamic support (such as an intra-aortic balloon pump system and other intensive care equipment used in critical cases) in the Department.

If necessary, within minutes, testing can be carried out to determine the individual sensitivity of patients to antiagregants and anticoagulants, using equipment based on single-use test systems.

In 2011 all medical staff of the Department, previosly working in this field, were retrained and certified in a new specialty, "endovascular diagnosis and treatment", in the leading scientific-research institutes of Russia.

Specialists of the department are the authors of chapters and sections in the following manuals and monographs:

Today the Department provides endovascular services to patients with acute coronary syndrome, critical lower limb ischemia, iliofemoral thrombosis and with pulmonary artery thromboembolia around the clock, which helps to decrease significantly in-hospital and early mortality of these category patients and to increase the level of provided help. That also helps to  shorten the timeline of  hospital admission.

Specialists of the Department participate every year in international conferences making reports and presentations about their experiences in treating patients with ischemic form of diabetic foot syndrome and associated diseases. Specialists also provide trainings at the premises of  Advanced Medical Technology Education Center (Kazan), Institute of Surgery n.a. A.V. Vishnevsky, Endocrinology Research Centre  RAMS; carrying out life cases and scientific reports at the different clinic premises of Russia.

Ivan A. Eroshkin, the chief of the Department is the chief of the Critical Limb Ischemia Treatment Center, specialist of endovascular methods of diagnosis and treatment, Honored Doctor of the RF.

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